AAP Ready to Contest Over 350 seats of LOK Sabha Election.

On Thursday, AAM party announced that they will elect over 350 seats in upcoming Lok Sabha election and decided to give ticket only honest and reliable candidates. They assured to take on all corrupt candidates and spoiled political leaders after Lok Sabha election 2014.

AAP is the one of the most amazing political parties that has stated the power of common Man after their debut In Delhi.  After their declaration for Lok Sabha election 2014, AAP party is decide to choose only those eligible candidates that have clean image. In their continuous conversation AAP party leader Sanjay singh said, his party would fight against 14 union ministers as well as A. Raja who is blamed for 2G spectrum scam.

Throughout their public interview, AAP party’s Sr. Leader Sanjay Singh said,” In upcoming party meeting, some discourse will additionally be held on different debates in the previous one month incorporating Law Minister Somnath Bharti and casted out legislator  Vinod Kumar Binny. The party has additionally said that it will choose the issues it will decide to address in the decisions on Friday.

“Corruption and criminalization in politics are two broader issues on which the party will battle the Lok Sabha elections. The party meeting will field hopefuls against corrupt candidates of other party, who have gotten to be images of corruption and criminalization of governmental issues.

“There are 162 MPs with criminal cases are enrolled against them. Lots of evidences are also available for their corruption.  73 out of 162 MPs have cases identified with shocking unlawful acts. Sanjay Singh said,” His party will attempt to elect strong candidate against them.”

The point when asked if the party might field strong candidates against corrupt ministers like A Raja, he said the party might fight against 15 Ministers “against whom there were serious allegations and the previous Union Minister is one of them”.

Through their website, AAP party also informed that a large number of applications, they received from citizens across the country for electing in upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2014. AAP party also notify on their website that their party is inspecting all requests for completion in terms of all parts of the form, including the required affidavit & the proposers data.

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