Congress come-back… Sheela Dixit said.

Delhi’s former chief minister Sheela Dixit said on Monday that her party would bounce back shortly. This was her first statement after clear swept out of power in Delhi’s election. Sheela  Dixit said ,” Kejriwal & BJP party both were escaping from their responsibility and they forget their duty of forming the Government.

In their continuing conversation  she said,” Our party has always bounced back, every time, after lagging behind in the polls election. This is really disgusting that both major parties still running away from their duties of Govt formation. It looks like that both parties are not sure about their governing  capabilities.

On the other side, Delhi’s lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung offers BJP to form the government  but due to their incapability he also invited to an AAP party for same. The Bhartiya Janta Party said it didn’t have exact  no. of members to form Govt, while the AAP has put their 18 points for the consideration in front of Congress as well as  BJP too before taking a decision on government formation.

After the result announced on Dec 8,  BJP party won the highest number of seats in polls election i.e. 32 seats. On other hand, AAP party got second position by won 28 seats each in Delhi’s 70-member assembly.

Written by Ranjeet Jha

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