High tech media.

With the proliferation of high tech media, nowadays the way people interact with each other has changed a lot. The technology going advance, new ways are introduced or discovered and I totally agree with the statement.

Earlier people travelled for to meet their relatives, twenty year ago, there was no such way by which people interacted with each other easily .They contacted through letter or mail to invite each other for some Occasions or Festivals. Landlines phone and mobiles were also used, but at that they were too costly, call rates are much higher, so it was not possible for everyone to contact their close ones.

Nowadays, almost has mobiles phones which one fully installed by various messenger apps like whatsapp, Skype and we chat. Professionals do many things sitting at their home by using only video messenger like Skype, which makes so easy. Now, there is no need to travel, so far do most people because we can leave text to their mails or any other messenger app. Internet is playing a major role in today’s life, there are lot of social sites like facebook, twitter and any more by which we can follow people or celebrities.

Also lots of matrimonial sites are available which helps in find their loved bonds. They marriage on internet, we can change our relationship status. But somewhere they came to found school going children and youngsters make their contacts to strangers and become friend or more than a friend.

Atlast I conclude that technology nowadays, plays a major role, which is totally effected our life in every way whether it is the way of interact or any other services. And today’s busy life it makes our life a lot easier.

Written by Ranjeet Jha

Ranjeet Jha

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