Innovative Fix or Juggad.

Innovative fix or Jugaad (In Hindi or Punjabi) is an improvised solution born from imagination; Jugaad is the art of spotting opportunities in the most adverse circumstances and resourcefully improvising solutions using simple means.

Indian mostly known for their innovative fix, thing is that we Indians are used to adjustments, when we do not have the proper means with us tune-in according to situation and get creative to come up with simplest ideas to fix the issue. So it can be observed in house-holds or streets of India on a regular basis.

There is no such people who haven’t witnessed Jugaad in India at least once.

  • Home-makers use Jugaad on daily basis such as turning old clothes into cleaning clothes
  • Turning pile of old clothes to sew into a beautiful mattress.
  • Using bricks or pebbles or piece of wood to balance furniture.
  • Using packed food empty containers for storing spices or pulses.
  • Kids use bricks as stamps(Cricket).
  • Hostellers with limited means turning a press(for ironing clothes), turning it upside down and using it to prepare tea or maggies or girls using it to press hairs and many more.

And Jugaad is turning into large scale and global phenomenon, where whole world is accepting and trying to apply, Jugaad mindset is so inherent in Indians that Indians are well poised to apply the principles of Jugaad to business practices. Big giants are also using Jugaad as key, “Tata Nano” by Tata group is an example of an Indian company that practices Jugaad to come up with most economic car.

Many clients hire Indian workforce for their abilities for coming up with solution unusual but effective to achieve target. Indians are considered to be the most hardworking resource, we adapt, adjust and modify according to situation and using simplest means find solutions.

The Indian “jugaad” mindset is like working around difficulties by hook or crook and achieving quick impossible fixes. Many say that Jugaad is only for short term fix but its not a long term solution but it is working for us Indian from a long time now. We practice it without even second thought, sometime we don’t even know that we are using Jugaad but it applies to our daily lives. We are using practices that our parents and before them their parents used as Jugaad and now we are using those solution as our daily routine.

Written by Ranjeet Jha

Ranjeet Jha

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