Today we learn to cook Italian pasta. Italian pasta is world famous dish and it is healthier too. In a week everyone will taste pizza or pasta. If we add cheeses in pasta than it become tastier. If you are pasta lover you will like this recipe.

No. of persons-: 4

Time estimate to cook-: 25-30 minutes.


1)      Pasta -1 packet(750 grams)
2)      Garlic-7-8
3)      Onion-1
4)      Tomato-1.5
5)      Green Chilli-3-4
6)      Tomato sauce- .5 cup
7)      Black pepper-2-3 spoon
8)      Cheese-4-6 spoon
9)      Sugar-1 spoon
10)   Water
11)   Salt
12)   Cooking oil



1)      Wash pasta clearly. Add some oil in water and boil it. They don’t stick to each other. Once pasta boiled take it into other bowl and throw the extra water.

2)      Take a pan and put some oil in it. And put onion, garlic slices and cook it till light brown.

3)      Now sliced green chili, salt, grinded black peeper and tomato then cook it for 2 minutes and check tomato pieces are squashed properly. Then put tomato sauce into it. Mix it for 1 minute then add sugar and some water.

4) When the gravy get thicker then put boiled pasta .And then mix past into sauce clearly. Your pasta is ready. Serve hot and tasty pasta with well garnished with cheese or some olives.

Written by Ranjeet Jha

Ranjeet Jha

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