Jal – Full-on Action, Drama, love and Dark side of life

Jal is a latest upcoming Bollywood Hindi Film which has recently been appreciated in various film celebrations. Offering an intriguing storyline set in the scenery of the Ran of Kutch in Gujarat.

Jal is the story of young, willful Bakka i.e. Purab Kohli who is gifted with an extraordinary capability to discover water in the desert. With the backdrop of water scarcity, the film tells a complex and intriguing story of love, relationships, enmity, deceit and circumstances that realize the dark side of human life & character. It is a high-octane, action- drama with a shocking climax.

In movie Jal, Bakka tries to tackle the dry season issues in his town. In motion picture Bakka somehow persuaded his villagers that he can distinguish where ground water is found. The motion picture featuring with Bollywood popular actor Purab Kohli as playing water seer named Bakka. In this film Tannishtha Chatterjee and Kirti Kulhari both are assuming as lead female parts.

The motion picture Jal is directed by popular director Girish Malik. As stated by Girish Mailk, film covers the environmental issue concerning the drought and impeding impacts of natural degradation. The film is set in the parched land of Kutch, where water is more precious than life, this movie revolves around two people who are in search and control of sources of water.

In this movie, Russian animal activist which is played by Saidah Jules Joins Bakka as she wants to protect the flamingoes that are dying in that area. Some people want to establish a diesel pump there instead of doing anything for solving the water problem. Some people also want to kill Bakka and after that the whole drama begins.

Film promos shows that how people can actually fight over the basic necessity, the presence of which we take for granted in our day to day urban life. But in the Runn of Kutch the rules of politics and power are based on water.

The film promos that shows Purab Kohli playing the game of seduction with Kirti Kulhari. In this video Purab is seen boasting about his rugged yet romantic looks. He also puts on display his playful side to impress Kirti Kulhari’s character. But the lady knows that Purab is using lofty words to fetch her attention.

In their interview during film promotion in Delhi Purab Kohli said,” Jail, which was the only Indian film featured in the Busan International Film Festival and was the official selection in the Indian Panorama section at IFFI Goa, is set to hit the silver screen all over India on April 04.”

“Shooting for ‘Jal’ in Rann of Kutch was a journey full of hardships, but the experience turned out to be a memorable adventure. We shot in 50 degree Celsius, faced dust storms, worked on characters far separated from our real selves”, he added.

In this film the ace music director Sonu Nigam and classical composer Bikram Ghosh collaborated for the first time offering some fresh tunes.

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