Katra train yet facing hindrances.

Train to Katra stuck in tunnel due to engine failure

Mata vaishno devi pilgrims got stranded when the train to katra got stuck amidst the route because of engine failure.DEMU train was was stuck inside a 1.5 kms long tunnel near Tikri on the Udhampur-Katra stretch this morning.

Sources said that this incident took place around 5:45 am this morning due to the failure of train’s power engine at Udhampur.Wherein,the engine driver and station master lost the communication source on both the stations which put the whole situation in a worse state.
Somehow,a railway police petrol noticed the train inside the tunnel and immideately informed the senior officials about the whole scenario.

The officails then commanded for an engine which was sent to the spot of incident.Thereafter,the engine carried the train to Katra which reached the station around 7:10 am lagging behind the fixed time by 2 hours.

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