Kiran Reddy Requested President; to stop bifurcation of AP.

Andra Pradesh CM Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy brings his protest of anti- Telangana to Delhi. On Wednesday, he brought his protest inDelhi for opposing the bifurcation of Andra Pradesh. On this issue, he met to President Pranab Mukherjee to appeal him to remains the Andra Pradesh united.

On Wednesday, AP CM sat at Jantar Mantar on protest for over five hour to show their objection about the carving out of the new state. Currently, Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy heading a Congress Govt. in Andra Pradesh. Kiran Reddy claimed that over 70 per cent people of Andhra Pradesh were against the formation of a separate state of Telangana.

He carried his dissent here on a day when the extended Winter session of Parliament began in the middle of the Central government’s insight to get the Telangana bill passed.

An assemblage of state leaders and MLAs from the Seemandhara area were also present on the dais. Later, he was quickly joined by four focal ministers – M Pallam Raju, K Samba Siva Rao, D Purandeswari, Killi Kruparani.

After the sit-in, the Chief Minister met the President at Rashtrapati Bhavan. In the media conversation, Reddy said, “We asked for the President to utilize his power to guarantee that there is no division held-up for AP. We appeal him that the state ought to be kept united.”

During Media Reporting, Mr. Reddy said that bifurcation will cause a big problem for state’s citizen. He said,”Division of state should be for the betterment of people. Citizen of Telangana are already facing lots of problems like lack of water & etc. It is going to lose 11 lakh cusecs of water. It will also have severe problem of power. The area of Seemandhra will also face various problems in terms of education and other basic needs that is Hyderabad-centric.”

On this issue, Union minister Pallam Raju said, ”Bill is being preceded against democratic norms. In its current form it, does not do justice to any region. Major concerns related to water and securities of people living around Hyderabad have not been adequately addressed.”

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