Since childhood we are listening from our elders and taught about that in our schools that food makes us healthy and everybody needs food to survive. So true, but what if I say that every day the food we are consuming is making us ill and more prone to diseases. You will not believe me but going with the reports published by the government of India that now a days the basic eatables such as vegetables, rice, wheat etc all are making our body fragile to diseases. Now are thinking how is it possible, let me tell you in today’s era the use of pesticides have became an integral part of farming and its use is so high that its traces in our food items are way beyond the permissible limits.

For example rice and wheat samples having 1000 times the permissible limits of pesticides. In the category of vegetables brinjal tops the list followed by tomatoes and potatoes. And the consequences of consuming these pesticide rich foods are very intimidating. Due to the accumulation of these pesticides the human body fells prey to dangerous diseases like cancer, neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, dementia reproductive effects and infertility etc.

So what to do now as one has to eat in order to survive!!

Thanks to Organic farming which is a new innovation in the field of farming. Organic food does not contain any pesticide or harmful chemicals. Also the organic food have high nutritional value that the other. Organic farming includes the techniques which are completely biological and chemical free such as crop rotation, green manure, biological pest control, compost etc. Apart from this the farming cost is also very low with a high productivity with quality.

So why to panic when we have a remedy in our hands. Just go organic. Eat healthy stay healthy.

And believe me organic food is tastier than the food we eat!!

Written by Ranjeet Jha

Ranjeet Jha

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