Know Life as it comes..

God really has some mysterious ways to keep testing your patience and until your soul aint withering in pain, he won’t give up. The logic of some good being disguised after such harsh realities making you paper thin some good will are blessed upon you, every dark cloud has a silver lining. How ironic this may sound, but life aint like that anymore. Perfunctorily, we keep following the mundane as our lives are, then where do we simply go wrong. Yet we move on waiting whatever tomorrow beholds.

If I’d only known, life is going to be this tuff.

If I’d only known it’s a long dark tunnel.

Nevertheless, we keep walking abreast. And he keeps moving his wand of words and challenging us at every step we take. Sometimes life brings us to a point of such tenderness where being indecisive is the only best option. Giving your life in his hands and watching the play take the action on this stage of life.

Yes we do it and very often. Eventually there is a halt, we stop and look around the estranged place where we once belonged to. But things are so indifferent, we can hardly sync. And what option we again have, to move on, simply move on. Life is never what you wanted it to be. I guess it’s pretty same for everyone. We all wish we were on the other side, the view from the opposite end is always beautiful, come a little closer and you will see the hardship.

In pursuit of happiness, man wanders around, tries to hold new bonds, breaks the lineage history, and more often than not gets disappointed. Why? Because again life aint what he always pictured in his never-never land. It’s what he has already drawn deep in those criss cross of hands. Fate, destiny, luck and love, it’s prewritten and as we say can’t be altered. We might not believe in these occult things, but heavenly words have their own magic, and they come into existence when we least expect it. Sometimes, we can feel it, sometimes we ignore but gradually we accept. As at the end we all understand that this was a destiny plan. Life as we know it, clearer with each day, more bright and plain white as Windex do its magic on the window panes of our lives. Keeping all negative things at bay, trying to relive the life each morning as it comes. Because no matter what we say or shout or yell, or debate for, it’s just one life we have. Even if it’s our fate, it is deciding and making something bigger and better for us, oblivious we are and life is unpredictable. What turns out to be somehow planned and now we know, he is there planning the best for you, me and for us.

Keep living and keep rocking!

Written by Ranjeet Jha

Ranjeet Jha

Hey there! My name is Ranjeet. I’m a Web Designer & Front-end Developer. I am passionate for designing an front-end codding. Writing is my hobby. I write about what I like, hope you also like it. Enjoy Reading..

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