Love you Jackie.

It was a day that I had seen it. It was barely six inches in size and coated with soft fur of snow white colour. At the first sight I decided to take it. Yes, I am talking about my pet dog, my friend, my companion.

It became a family member within a few moments it reached home. I named it Jackie, and we both grew together. There are infinite and unforgettable moments that we shared together. Every day I used to play with, go on a stroll with it. Bathed him regularly and taken so much care of it. A bond of affection that we had was unbreakable. As time passed I understood its body language and what it is trying to say to me and I wonder how he also started understanding my language and responded to my conversations by moving its tail to and fro. No I understand it was the language of love.

While I was alone he was the best companion to me. We played with each other. He was very active and swift and when we played in park I threw the ball in air and within seconds he catches the ball and brings it to me to repeat the same. When I rolled my hands on his head he licked my feet as if he also showing how much he loves me.

It’s been fourteen years now and he has entered old age. I wish dogs also had ages like humans. But now when I see him my eyes are filled with tears of affection and I remember all the moments we shared.

Now it sits quietly at one place with barely any movements and just sees my for some time and then closes its eyes as if saying “hey buddy give me a high five”. Old age has taken all its activeness and swiftness. But I still love you Jackie a lot. You are in inseparable part of my memories. I don’t know how much more time you will be with me. But I must say that all the time you were with me was awesome.

Somebody has said it right-“Our pets don’t live for whole life but they make our lives whole”.

Love you Jackie.

Written by Ranjeet Jha

Ranjeet Jha

Hey there! My name is Ranjeet. I’m a Web Designer & Front-end Developer. I am passionate for designing an front-end codding. Writing is my hobby. I write about what I like, hope you also like it. Enjoy Reading..

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