Press Conference of PM, 3rd Time in Decade.

On Friday, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh meets the press 3rd time during a press-media conference and perhaps last – time in decade. During their press conference, today he cleared that he will seek to dispel the perception of policy paralysis. After a long silence, PM Manmohan Singh was expected to clarify the action plan taken to support the economy other than tending to issues of corruption and price inflation.

Today in Delhi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed a press conference and answered the questions of the media. Before answering any question, he gave a long speech about the UPA government and his time as the PM of nation.

He acknowledged that he had been unable to tackle corruption and inflation and also generate jobs – all major concerns with the voters. But he said history would judge him kindly.

In their long conversation with media, PM clarifies that he will not serving anymore as a PM after an election due by May and advocated Nehru-Gandhi administration scion Rahul Gandhi to lead the nation if their party wins the next election.

PM said,” Rahul Gandhi has outstanding credentials to be nominated as the candidate and I hope our party will take that decision at an appropriate time.”  This was the first reaction by PM after his party fared badly in elections in four large states towards the end of last year due to common-man’s anger over corruption.

In their media conversation, he spoke so many words about the opposition party’s deputy leader, Mr. Narender Modi. He said,” it would be “disastrous for the country” if opposition leader Narendra Modi were elected PM. Someone who presided over the massacre of innocent people should not be the prime minister.”

For as far back as decade, Mr Singh has headed a coalition government headed by Congress. He has frequently been criticized for not standing up all the more strongly. Friday’s public interview was just the third such preparation throughout his entire term of office.

In their last few wording, he shows their hopes for summer election. He said, he was “confident” that the next prime minister would be from the Congress-led coalition and that Rahul Gandhi had outstanding credentials to be nominated as the party’s candidate.

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