Remembering Golden Days

When we were young always wanted to grow up, move out, make our own choices and take our own decisions, take a job, earn and spend as much as we want and on things which we want. And now that we have moved out, to colleges for higher studies or doing jobs in different sectors on different levels, we look back to our younger selves and envy and question the reason we wanted to grow up.

We miss those days when we used to laugh and cry without a care for the simplest things which always seemed so important. In just one hour play we were doctor’s, engineer’s, ruler of the world or a superhero fighting dark evil forces and all that needed was a bit imagination and obviously a cloth from mom’s or dad’s closet.

We still think about our first day at school so horrifying, crying and not letting go of the legs or hand of our parents, but as soon as we made friends or started drawing our first most colorful and most uncoordinated drawing we forgot all about the reason we were sobbing for.

Our first friend in school just because they came and sat next to us, or may shared their food or just smiled. And as soon as the school is over being so happy to see mom who came to take us back and telling her everything what happened whole day, going over and over in details.

Those cool cartoons we watched growing up. Our whole set routine to reach home, gobble food, finish homework and turn TV on to watch our favorite series, and as soon as they end running out in streets to meet our friends to play games. Small issues turning into big fights, which made us so angry and frowned faced but a simple smile from our friend made us forget about what they did wrong, and next moments playing like best pals again.

Now that I think about it the best thing about childhood is not to cling over little details, letting go of anger without any grudge and crying or smiling with whole heart. I think childhood was the best part of our life because whatever we did was with full dedication and with hundred percent involvement and yes I do want to grow up once again. I do want to go back to the time where I can run, jump, play, laugh, cry, scream and live in the moment.


Written by Ranjeet Jha

Ranjeet Jha

Hey there! My name is Ranjeet. I’m a Web Designer & Front-end Developer. I am passionate for designing an front-end codding. Writing is my hobby. I write about what I like, hope you also like it. Enjoy Reading..

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