‘Sent – Back Pak Musical Group’, Shiv Sena Worker demands.

On Tuesday, Shiv sena activist protested into the Mumbai Press Club to interrupt the musical performance of Indo – Pak Musical band. According to sources, lots of worker of Shiv Sena gathered in front of Mumbai Press club and tried to disrupt a musical meet Indian – Pakistan Musical group.

The group of protestor carried Shiv Sena Party flags that demanded to send back the Pakistani Musical band Meekal Hasan. The Shiv Sena Activist yelled that no Pakistani group or person will be permitted to perform in Mumbai. Soon after the programme to start the first joint India-Pakistan band including musical performers from the two nations began, a huge assembly of Shiv Sena activists jumped inside the club conveys party banners.

They raised their sound against Pakistan, the guest artistes and waved flags with “Pakistan Murdabad” printed on them disturbing the media instructions even as a substantial force of policemen endeavored to control them.

On this issue, Shiv Sena spokesperson Rahul Narvekar justifying their action and said,”it was part’s policy to restrict the Pak musician to perform in Mumbai. We can’t allow Pakistani people to perform on our land. They behead our soldiers on the border, indulge in terror activities and then come here to make money. It shall not bearable anymore. ”

On the other hand, one of member of organizing committee jatin Desai said,” Indian Constitution has given the right of freedom of speech even to the people of other countries coming to India — and such a disruption is like a dictatorship.”

The stunned artistes, embodying going to parts of the Mekaal Hasan Band and the coordinators, were pushed into a corner. Nobody was harmed and there was no harm to property, a club office-bearer said. Police gathered together some Shiv Sainiks and confined them for making the ruckus.

This is the first activity of its thoughtful and means to make a positive collaboration between performers of both India and Pakistan, make a relationship of common profit, trust and consequently reinforce quiet ties between the two nations,” said coordinator Jatin Desai.

Written by Ranjeet Jha

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