Shatrughan Sinha supports AAP, hopes it gets ‘divine justice’

BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha on Tuesday supported the AAP in his series of tweets and asked Prim Minister Narender Modi over the exclusion of its 20 MLAs with the previous calling the president’s choice a “tughluqshahi” arrange.

In a noteworthy difficulty to the AAP, President Ram Nath Kovind has excluded 20 of its MLAs in Delhi for holding “offices of profit”, a choice the gathering said demonstrated sacred experts were acting like “handmaidens of the central government”.

Kovind gave his consent on Sunday to the suggestion by the Election Commission (EC).


“Hon’ble Sir! Welcome back to India from Davos!
“AAP”ke saath yeh kya ho raha hai? Our opponents are not our enemies. They belong to the same society & nation. Such ill treatment of anyone or opposition, isn’t acceptable. We live in a democratic nation with live & let live policy.”



“Didn’t the same thing happen with the Election Commissioner Mr. Jyoti, who seems to have taken the hurried decision without giving them time to explain, on the last day of his service before retirement. It raises more more questions than answers…2>3”



“This decision could have been taken by the incumbent Election Commission also. Isn’t the previous Commissioner also the same Mr. Jyoti, who seems to have played an interesting role in elections both in Himachal & Gujarat & who had great logic….3>4”



“… & explanation for the EVM machines in different elections during his tenure. Well the less said the better about him. “AAP” ki charcha, “AAP” ki baatein sar chadh kar bol rahi hain ! “AAP” ke saath hi kyun, jab ke hamaam mein sab nange hain…4>5″



“…What is right for Peter, should be right for Paul too. The highest authority didn’t even give them a chance to explain before taking a decision. What was the hurry? Don’t you think justice hurried is justice buried? …5>6”



“Would like to know if “Office of Profit” & “Conflict of Interest” concern entire “Opposition” or only “AAP”? If others from our govt & other political parties are not guilty of holding office of Parliamentary Secretary in different states, then how come “AAP” is guilty?…6>7″



“This attitude is vindictive politics or arrogance of vested interests. Is it fair? In the name of justice, fair play, level playing field & healthy politics, hope wish & pray that good sense prevails & AAP sab log get justice and/or divine justice, sooner the better. Jai Hind!”


Written by Ranjeet Jha

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