Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hinted about an incoming change of 140-character limit.

Finally Twitter is going to do whatever it thinks is best for the company

Twitter users are aware of the Twitter’s 140 character limit, this limit comes from SMS text messaging 160 character limit. Twitter reserves 20 characters for a unique user address and leaves the rest (140) for the tweet.


But few days back Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hinted about an incoming change to the 140-character limit. As he mentions a possibility in the near future for the site to support full-bodied text tweets that can be highlighted by users without a strict 140-character restriction.


So, is it a good idea to remove the restriction, when we think about it with twitter’s character limit it is possible to share link to the longer material to visit to your page rather than dumping all the stuff on one page, it allows content generators to share their link and bring interested audience to the page. This preserves freedom of choice, if you are interested click on link and read all about it or just move on the next tweet.


For instance twitter tweets are like a browsing through a library, you can look at the title and context before choosing which one to read and you don’t have to read the entire book at that very instant.


And yes we agree with the fact that just because you can use 10,000 characters doesn’t mean that you will. Lets say for an instant update or tweet on how the weather is beautiful and you are enjoying it with friends. You are not going to sit and write about it, you will tweet about it as ghastly as possible and then go out will enjoy the weather with your friends.


So who will use all that space, spammers for a start, one who is ready to start a million dollars trading business with me or offering me a job that I can just and work from home and earn thousands of dollars on monthly basis. Or the haters who are just there to abuse or spread negative views or ideas with their main moto to spread hatered and obviously the advertisers to promote their newly launched products.


Twitter also knows that the majority of its users won’t fill all that space. Even 1,000 characters would be more than enough. No one wants to spend so much time to compose something that will potentially fall out of sight a few minutes after it gets posted.


Finally Twitter is going to do whatever it thinks is best for the company and profit it the most. The pros and cons comes with every progressive change, whether removal of limit will be good or bad, will profit the company or not, will increase user data base or not, it is not possible to predict at this early stage when it’s just an idea.


Written by Ranjeet Jha

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